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Groovy Summer Footwear

June 9, 2009
Chuck those winter boots away, we’re in dire need of some nice summer footwear pampering!
I just ordered a pair of Schuh white leather zulu sandals online. It’s something like this:

They look superbly comfy. I can’t wait til they arrive!

This type of design may have been around for a long time, but it never seems to wear itself out of fashion.

Here’s another cute one that looks equally comfy:

And specially handpicked by HB:

Ipanema flip-flops!

…Designed by model Gisele Bundchen 🙂

Prices range from RM30 – RM50 for Malaysian customers but slightly more expensive if purchasing from the UK.

I have 3 pairs at home, they’re groovy, durable and perfect for everyday wear!

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