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So What’s the Deal with this TORAN COFFEE?

November 21, 2015
You may have noticed online portals going viral with their lists of “The Top/Best Places to Eat”.
These lists are a big a hit, because as we know, Malaysians are real foodies.

Now especially if you’re a Shah Alam-er, you’d probably want to peel your eyes wide for this.

Heard of a place called Toran Coffee?

It’s located in Seksyen 13, near the Shah Alam Stadium and Acapella serviced apartments. You can check out a review here:

7 Kafe dan Restoran Sekitar Shah Alam Bakal Buat Anda Terus Lapar

If you haven’t hit this place up yet, you should give it a try. Here’s why:

1. Great Food

Simply because.

It’s not always the prime factor that makes an eatery marvellous, but Toran Coffee’s kitchen proves to be their stronghold. 

Let the photos explain themselves: 

Chicken Burger
Crispy Mee
Club Sandwich
Toran Burger
(If it’s too much for you, you can order the mini version; ask for a Rookie Burger!)
Chicken Chop
Butter Chicken with Rice
Grilled Chicken Chop
Nasi Goreng Kampung
Salmon Carbonara
Carbonara Pasta
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Beef Strips
NEW on the Menu : Eggs Benedict
Smoked Beef Sandwich
BURSTING NEW : Peanut Mocha
Flavored Soda

For the full menu and prices, go to Toran Coffee’s Official Website.

2. Friendly Staff

The restaurant is run by a group of young lads and lassies; they’re sure to win your heart. There’s nothing better than friendly staff who attend to you. 😉

The crowd response can be overwhelming sometimes, you may have to queue for a while before getting a table. But it’ll be worth it!  

3. Convenient Parking

Parking is a huge deal for Malaysians, kannn? Ample parking space is available right in front of this joint. You should be worry-free in this department.

4. Cool Hangout Vibe

What else? It’s a comfortable place to lepak at with friends and family. You have a choice of sitting either inside or outside. And if you’re alone, don’t fret. There’s the telly!  

If you’re one to try new, different places – Toran should be on your checklist. To see what everyone else is saying about Toran Coffee, type #torancoffee in Instagram and follow them at @torancoffee. 😀   

*     *     *

Important dets:

No. 38, Jalan Rugbi 13/30,
Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam

Open daily from 12:30 noon to 12:00am

For inquiries, call 018-9736700

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