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Damage Control yang tak kesampaian di Instagram

December 2, 2015
I don’t usually pride myself in analyzing the doings of celebrities, unless if it’s for a good cause. Or it may just be due to pure admiration. Heheh. 
But I just found some good material for my blog. 🙂 
As you read this, a story about a little Instagram mishap involving a local female celebrity is making waves – a resemblance to a misunderstanding that had happened previously with another local celebrity who took a fan’s comments out of context on social media. 
The result : major public furor.
I verified this little mishap by visiting this celebrity’s IG account. True enough, the mishap did happen. 
She was under the misapprehension of a fan’s remark on one of her photos, interpreting a word used as vulgar and offensive. This, when in actual fact, the fan was saying something pretty flattering as she was making reference to an international celebrity known for her sophistication and beauty. 
Usually, based on the concept of professionalism, celebrities would dis such comments internally and silently, rather than making a big show. Even corporations practice this [not responding publicly to comments] in official social media accounts. If necessary, a private message would be in order. 
But this local celebrity chose to respond by expressing her disappointment (choosing to be specific now…) by labeling those who not only wear the hijab, but are mothers too as hypocrites because of their ‘foul language’.(?) It was quite a long reply, too. 
The fan who wrote the comment wears the hijab, as seen in her display photo. 
Previously, I had sort of admired this local celeb who now has her own reality show on Channel E, because despite being all girly, doesn’t come across as too pretentious in my eyes. She doesn’t fake her accent and she uses simple English. It’s not all too annoying like some other local celebrities. 
But with this IG mishap – yes, it shows how much of a human a celebrity is – who somewhat lack professionalism and patience. As a public figure, one needs to be careful what is portrayed publicly, as this will reflect his/her character. Permanent damage could be done.
Her response raises all sorts of questions. Is that the perception she has on people who wear the hijab and are mothers? Personally, I don’t know any one friend who portrays such image and screams bad character in the form of words that fly out of her mouth.
And also…she actually reads the comments on her IG? Haha.
When she realized her mistake, not only an apology was missing (specially for the fan-victim), but she came out again by defending her mistake. 
Damage control yang tak kesampaian!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
(Damage control gone wrong!)
Is it so hard to say “Sorry”? — Que Bieber’s new hit! (Or perhaps, “Where’s my PR manager??” Hahahaha. 
A public apology and a private message would have solved the matter. Just an apology, full stop.  I’m sorry F, but yeah we make mistakes. 

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