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Madre & the Runway

December 16, 2015

Last night I had the privilege of attending Rico Rinaldi’s Women’s Wear 2016 fashion show in Bukit Damansara. Two of his collections were strutted out on the runway — casual wear and bridal-inspired.ย 

Both collections were stunning!ย 

How would I describe Rico?

A young, talented and hardworking designer.

This was proven when he designed and made my wedding dresses. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Nikah Dressย 

My nikah ceremony’s theme was simply ‘Different Shades of Blue’. I had procured textile from Indonesia for this one – material akin to what people call ‘Prada Lace’. Typically for nikah, the fabric was of off-white color.ย 

So I told Rico to add dashes of blue to it. The end result was spectacular.ย 

Detailed, meticulous and mesmerizing are some of the words that can describe the high quality workmanship and design.
A closer view
ย Rico designed the selendang using the same lace material, with more blue and silver beads.
I love also how he decorated theย selendang’s border. Looks gorgeous when opened up.
He also tailored my husband’s baju Melayu, which was of no disappointment either. We finished his look with a light blue kain samping bought from Bak (during their year-end sale!).
Wish I can wear it again!

The Reception Dress

During discussions with Rico on my dress for the reception, I wanted something more traditional.ย 

Back in the day, almost every marrying couple opted for the songket for their wedding attire. Through time, people preferred lace, chiffon, etc and songket was kind of left behind.ย 

I think it’s true what people say though, that songket is timeless. It’s coming back!

Our reception attire was a little more complicated, so I left it in the hands of Rico and his team. I remember my jaw dropping when I saw for the first time – the hand-crafted embellishments on my dress. (You can see some of the pictures if you scroll on the right side of my blog.)


The songket is soft cream in color, with gold and silver embellishments. It also has some ruffles above the hip area, giving it a peplum look.

Holding on to my mobile, as I get dolled up. Hehe.

To add some shape to the lower portion of the dress, Rico and I decided to add a laced outer piece.

Rico also provided the accessories. This sanggul lintang wasn’t heavy but it did kinda hurt towards the end of the ceremony. The headpiece had to be attached by using many, many bob pins.

Beauty is pain!


A short veil to finish the touch

And the shoes — oh, the shoes! I loved the shoes. It’s made from the same songket material. Rico has various designs and this one was the most comfortable for me. I had to be in a 5-inch pair of heels the whole night!ย 


The groom getting prepped by Rico himself.
The whole ensemble

What we got to wear for the nikah and reception was beyond what was expected. My dreams truly came true. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

* ย  ย  * ย  ย  *

So now back to the fashion show.ย 

Rico had collaborated with a local shoe line called Madre (it means mother in French). The moment I saw the designs of the sandals, I instantly knew I wanted one. Two of the designs which came from this collaboration were sold at the fashion show venue. I decided, why not – let’s get both! They’re sandals, flat and presumably comfy!


Apart from these sandals, Madre has a beautiful collection of wedges. Their designs are unique and comfort-based. Check them out on Instagram!ย 

The models working it out on the runway were all wearing Madre sandals too.

Leaving the fashion show happily!

Anyway, Congrats again to Rico on his Women’s Wear 2016!

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