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A Small Party for the Tiny Bundle

February 12, 2016
Your pregnancy journey should be cherished and enjoyed to the utmost possible. Throughout the 9 months, many milestones can be celebrated. To me, it’s a way of expressing gratitude for the gift of a child while embracing its arrival.

One of the popular occasions during pregnancy (whilst nearing the due date) is to hold a baby shower. It’s not a must-do but it sure is fun when you have a strong driving force in party planning. πŸ˜‰

I had mine last month. It was nothing too elaborate but more of a ‘food fest’ for friends, courtesy of the husband too.

Although just an eating spree, party decorations was in order! Most of the materials were bought from Spotlight (an AMAZING and ALLURING household store) and of course, Balloon Buzz. Others were bought from a souvenir shop in the vicinity of my place of stay.

:: Finding a Suitable Venue ::

This would of course, depend on your budget and number of guests. Mine was an intimate do and a cafe called Toran Coffee in Shah Alam (IG @torancoffee) was selected because of its exquisite food!

Toran Coffee, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

:: Coming Up with a Theme ::

Like planning for any other event, the theme must be identified before going berserk over party shopping. For this baby shower, the theme was pink and princess.

Materials purchased:

Disposable plastic tablecover from Balloon Buzz
Helium-packed balloons from Balloon Buzz. Five were adequate, placed in the corner.
Jazzy tableware for eating desserts
Reusable cardboard cake stand from Spotlight (RM20.00)
Cheap party bags from the local souvenir shop (RM0.60/piece)
Clear plastic gift packs to be filled with an edible treat, so that guests don’t leave empty-handed!
An illustration done on the night before, to get a preview of how the table setting will look like. Printed napkin and DIY coaster made from felt material bought from Spotlight. Table mat is made from wrapping paper. Notice how NOT EVERYTHING is justΒ glaring pink or printed polka dots? Get the right combination of designs to achieve a pleasant look.
:: Desserts, Desserts, Desserts! ::
So apart from the main course I had at Toran Coffee (which was grilled salmon btw – one of my favourites there)…
The best-tasting salmon by far (seriously), coupled with awesome gravy from Toran Coffee
…what’s a baby shower without a custom-made cake and cupcakes?? Specially catered for this baby shower, here’s what I ordered from young talented bakers who call themselves Jem Cakes and Cookies. (Look them up on IG @jemcakesandcookies)
Behold ultimate cuteness……..
Cringe cringe cringe! They are so adorably made! (Red velvet flavour inside)
So we’ve got a bottle of milk, a teddy bear, a crying baby, a happy baby…
They also make sugar cookies according to your theme! They look too precious to get a bite out of them!
Cupcake and sugar cookies for everyone!
Impressive work from Jem Cakes and CookiesΒ 
How the cupcakes look on the cake stand. Prettyyyy!!
:: The Centrepiece ::
The initial plan was to make mini centrepieces out of [new, clean] diapers. But due to space constraints, I decided to go with this as the main centrepiece — also baked with love from Jem Cakes and Cookies!


Devilish chocolate is the flavour inside. Tastes sinful as it sounds! Hehe.
A close-up look
Yes, a Princess is on her way…!
Just love the bassinet stroller as the ‘icing’ on top! Meticulously made.
:: Other Treats ::
Thanks to Google, you can search for simple dessert ideas which are wayyyy simpler than what you see above. I was intrigued with this one:
Fruits in cones! However, even though we used these McD-like ice cream cones which are round based, stability was still an issue. I recommend getting some sort of stand that could give better support to these fruity treats.
And that was how my mini baby shower went. With great food, great desserts and great company — you have the perfect party concoction. Minimal spending was done on the decorations but a lot of heart was put into it.
I definitely recommend Toran Coffee for small gatherings, as well as Jem Cakes and Cookies for their custom cakes and bites. Not only did the food and desserts look amazing, but the taste lived up to the presentation.
I hope my guests enjoyed the food and hospitality! After all, that is what party planning is all about.

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