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Mommy Mindy Back in April!

March 28, 2016
After being booted from daytime television to online TV, I assumed the long hiatus of The Mindy Project after the airing of its Season 4, signified a perpetual end to the series.

But long behold, after a quick search on Google, I found out that the series is slated to be back [still on online TV] for a second half in April!!!

*Nadia does the dance*

It’s one of my favourite TV shows — sparked by a fusion of Mindy’s wit and spontaneity; humourous script; charming characters and cool storyline.

It’s also apt and timely that Mindy and Danny just had a baby.

Does the guy (Danny) look familiar? He was featured in a Sam Smith music video!

I can’t wait for the new episodes. Can’t wait to see how big baby Leo has grown, too!

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