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More Than Just a Baby in a Stroller

March 27, 2016

Imagine walking in a mall and you see a father calmly pushing a baby in a stroller while the mother walks by his side, browsing at the latest trends of clothes displayed in the glass windows of Dorothy Perkins. The baby is wide-eyed but relatively quiet and in a jovial mood.

The baby is wearing an exceptionally adorable onesie with printed polka dots all over, melting the hearts of anyone whose eyes fall on her. She has a headband with a flower and matching socks.

This paints the perfect family picture, luring other couples to join the club and also bear children.

Indeed, that was the impression I had before getting married and giving birth to a child. The above depiction is just one of the scenes portrayed by parenthood — apart from the hundreds of others. It’s not always how the people on the outside see it to be.

Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is absolutely rewarding and beats any form of exhaustion. But there’s more to than just happily pushing a baby in a stroller at the mall. I’m not saying it ain’t a perfect family picture, but a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance is needed to get through in taking care of another human being.

Behind that family ‘portrait’, there are endless cries of the baby, sleepless nights, constant diaper-changing and…that constant worry whether your baby is alright.

Not to mention the worry of whether you’re doing everything you can to be the best parent.

For the mother and father, their lives have changed drastically from being single, to just a couple, to being parents. It’s not a game anymore; priorities have changed. No more spontaneous outings with the girls, no more lepaking til the wee hours of the morning with the boys and embarking on holidays will never be the same. No more activities at the parents’ whims and fancies like how it used to be.

It’s also important to be physically and mentally prepared to take care of a child.

Don’t be fooled for behind every happy picture, there is a combination of sweat, tears and inevitably splashes of joy. Nothing good comes easy. 😉

All in all, we are thankful for this gift from God.

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