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Got Baby Stuff to Give Away? : LET’S SEDEKAH!

April 15, 2016

There’s a heartbreaking story going viral now on social media involving 9 kids (and newborns), who aren’t so lucky. They’ve just lost their mother who recently gave birth to twin babies. Already suffering from a plight, these 9 kids are now left with just their father who is struggling to make ends meet. It’s so much more heartbreaking with news that water supply at their home has been cut off, and the babies are in dire need of diapers and bottles.


Outside the door of my bedroom right now, is a bag of baby stuff that I have purchased but ended up not using and probably won’t ever. My initial plan was to sell these ‘never-been-used’ items.

But the sad story of the 9 kids just hit me.

There are parents and kids who need these things more than I need the money that will be generated from selling these items.

Not too long ago, the east coast of Malaysia suffered a crisis of natural calamity due to massive rain and floods . Donations consisting of money, food, household items, etc. came pouring in from the generous souls of Malaysians. Someone told me, getting all these handouts was not a problem at all — Malaysians are very generous. The underlying issue was creating a system and platform for an efficient distribution of the donated items so that the right things are channelled to the right people, in time. If there’s no proper system in place, these donations would mean nothing if they never reach those in need.

A quick search online for legitimate and proper avenues for donating baby items was a disappointment. With the noble intention of donating, we should also ensure legit channels are utilised. There are many other charitable vehicles, but very few when it comes to baby items specifically.


I was able to find these:

(1) From’s webpage: E-Boo: 4 Tips Boleh Dilakukan Dengan Pakaian Bayi Terpakai

Anda boleh sertai sebuah organisasi With Parents Without Partners (PwP), dengan mendermakan pakaian bayi di Jumble Station, di mana keuntungan daripada penjualan tersebut akan disalurkan ke tabung untuk membantu keluarga ibu atau bapa tunggal. PWP membantu masyarakat dengan menukarkan barang-barang tersebut kepada wang tunai, dengan harapan untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan ibu atau bapa dan juga penjaga sah tunggal yang miskin. Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi pengasas bersama Mary Anne Tan di 016-220 2958 atau

(2) There’s a campaign called ‘Jangan Buang’ where baby items are collected through donations and distributed to the needy. The donation period however ended in March, with no indication on its Facebook page (‘Jangan Buang’) whether there will be a continuation of this charity drive. You can check it out though.

(3) OrphanCARE Foundation/Yayasan OrphanCARE

(4) Projek Babybox 

(5) Telekung Project


Do you know any proper channels for donating baby stuff in particular? If you do, please let me know and I can add on to this [very short] list!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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