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Sleeping on Mommy’s Bantal Busuk

April 13, 2016

True Story Scenario:

As you pan across the inside of a typical baby girl’s crib, with the soothing background lullaby tunes of the musical mobile — you see something pink, something floral, something girly. Just appropriate for a baby princess.

When suddenly…

*****cue sound of a record scratch*****

…you spot a Ninja Turtle pillow!


For my baby girl, that Ninja Turtle pillow is Mommy’s very own bantal busuk!

It’s actually a Ninja Turtle sheet for a pillow I got from the hospital I was born at many, many years ago. It’s not worn out despite the countless times it has been washed (still a bantal busuk though!) and it has maintained its soft and smooth texture. No wonder my baby likes it. (And yes, I was a hardcore Ninja fan!)


Crazy about Beanie Babies and Ninja! See the red pillow on the right?

I could give her the most expensive and state-of-the-art pillows and cushions to sleep on, but it seems like she resonates best with her Mommy’s bantal busuk. 🙂


My bantal busuk TODAY

Here are some amateur observations of mine when it comes to shopping for baby stuff:

Expensive items don’t necessarily appeal to babies

Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t guarantee the liking of the baby. However, it also doesn’t mean you should get dirt cheap items, at the expense of your baby’s wellbeing. In my opinion, certain items come with a hefty price tag for good reasons and are worth the purchase. For example, car seats. No one wants to see the safety of their baby being jeopardised.

It comes with a LABEL

A lot of moms become ‘rambang mata’ when it comes to shopping for baby stuff, overriding their own shopping needs and cravings. How can we blame them? In today’s realm of baby shopping, there are so many brands, enticing mothers to sometimes choose style over function/practicality.

Novelty over necessity? If you have the bucks to splurge, then why not. Tempting, right?

In a business with a neverending demand, manufacturers have definitely seized the opportunity. Today, I find it hard to buy baby items because there’s just too many brands to choose from. Not only that, a lot of things have crossed the boundary of being basic, becoming sophisticated and high-tech.

Should I opt for an imported item? Is it expensive because of its quality or mostly because of the brand? Do popular labels guarantee the baby’s safety? Am I wrong to purchase an item that’s not the most expensive on the rack? I’ve never heard of this brand, will it pose health hazards? 

Just like a business with neverending demand, these are the neverending questions of the consumer — particularly mothers. Sigh.

Good news! – I am learning that research is a powerful tool. Research should be the core of Shopping for Baby 101 as it provides substantive guidance to purchasing the best baby item that suits you. Your budget. Your liking. Your baby. It helps to learn the pros and cons of baby stuff, regardless of the brand.

Celebrities: Ambassadors of Baby Culture

With social media as a medium, celebrities have become the ambassadors to promoting and glorifying certain brands of baby gear, baby apparel, baby activities, etc. and once again, enticing moms to follow suit. We’ve all fallen victim for this!

But remember, just because something is donned or used by the kids of the rich and famous, it doesn’t mean these items are the best on the market, or for your baby. Create your own colourful environment for your baby, according to budget, without jeopardising his/her safety and health in any way.

I’m glad my own mother saved up a lot of my old baby clothes, blankets, etc. which are all still in perfect condition. They don’t make ’em in those designs no more!

So back to my bantal busuk.

I’m glad it’s able to serve a new generation. We all want the best for our baby, without a doubt. But let’s not get too influenced by today’s fancy schmancy culture.

Baby Safe + Baby Likey + Good for Parents’ Budget = The Best Bantal Busuk [or its equivalent] Ever!

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