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Back ON AIR After a Long Hiatus

May 3, 2016

I must admit, it was nerve-wracking to be back on air after months of taking a break. I had to take a temporary time-out since I approached the end of my pregnancy late last year and subsequently had to wait until confinement period ended. Nevertheless, I still needed extra buffer time even after the end of confinement to bond with my baby and to adjust to my breastfeeding/pumping schedule.

It ain’t easy.

It’s also awfully hard to leave your child behind at home while you go to work, even if it’s just for several hours. While you have made your choices, you leave him/her reluctantly.

On the upside, my baby got to watch me on television, after months spending time ‘behind the scenes’ aka in the womb while the cameras were rolling. LOL. 🙂

One of the toughest adjustment now that I’m back on my feet and out of the house for work is breastfeeding, in terms of scheduling and planning. I need to ensure that the baby is always breastfed before I head off and that there is sufficient expressed breastmilk (EBM) for the time while I’m away. This requires good planning and TIME MANAGEMENT. One of the skills you pick up when you become a mother is having good better time management, not only for yourself but for your baby and the people around you too.

It ain’t easy. Oh, did I say that already?

Support is always vital. Make sure you get support from those around you!

Anyway…I am now back to news reading and I had my debut on TV3’s Bizworld yesterday. I’ll be back on Nightline soon.


Although I was nervous, I was excited. Indeed, it felt great to be back in the studio. (And I don’t think I forgot how to read the news. Phew!)

Of course, the first thing I did when I got home (after washing my hands clean) was hold my baby.


Bizworld airs on TV3 every Monday to Thursday at 5:30pm and Friday at 6:00pm. Nightline is everyday, at midnight. Watch the news, keep up-to-date. 😉


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