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Book Review: Mama’s Big Book of Little Lifesavers

May 10, 2016

It’s pretty neat that social media has enabled mothers from all over the world to connect and share stories. There’s a common thread among us all — the strong desire to give the best to our children. There isn’t a single, unified manual on how to raise kids, so sometimes exchanging stories is an awesome help (and support) mechanism.

Books are a great source, too. My mom got me a book recently, called Mama’s Big Book of Little Lifesavers. It contains many tips for moms on how to save time, money and our sanity. (Is she trying to tell me something? LOL.)


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working, it can get pretty crazy. Upon a quick flip through of the book, I managed to extract some cool tips that I can apply now, caring for a small baby. Some of the tips made me go like, “Yeah laa…why didn’t I think of that earlier?” Let me share some with you:

Being a working mother, the daily ritual of expressing milk is vital. I found Tip #11 to be interesting:


I haven’t gotten around to applying this new method because although it does save time, there’s also a risk that the bags will fall off if not secured tightly. But it’s still a good tip. Saves pipe water too, as there will be less bottle-washing.

Although I always prepare my outings with bottled expressed breastmilk for when the baby wants to be fed while we’re out and about, there’s also a likelihood that I may need to nurse my baby in public places if for some reason there isn’t a baby room. I find myself doubling tripling the length of time I comb through my wardrobe to find a top that’s convenient for nursing. But instead of getting a whole wardrobe revamp for this purpose, maybe Tip #129 can help ease the process:


Worth a try. While I’m at this one, Tip #128 also makes sense and is environmentally-friendly.

The store I’m about to mention is not foreign to most of us: IKEA. While the furniture retailer has recalled several items on different occasions due to safety concerns, there are definitely other things worth getting — like the baby high chair!


It’s also used in restaurants. My sister-in-law is currently using one for her baby and it works just marvellous!

I am still going through the book, which has close to 400 lifesaving tips for parents with babies and toddlers. Apart from its funky layout, the author of the book – Kerry Colburn – is definitely one experienced mama! I haven’t revealed much as I am still immersing myself in the book… 🙂


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