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Short Funny Stories of Baby NZ

May 3, 2016

Funny Story #1

We were at the hospital as my baby was due for a check-up with her paediatrician (and for vaccination). But before the terrified cries and shrieks of getting shot, there was a funny incident in the nursing room at the hospital.

While waiting for our turn to see the paediatrician, I decided to feed my baby before we were called. This way, Baby NZ would be in a good mood when she sees Dr. C. Off to the nursing room we went, where there were a few other moms with their babies. The moms talked to each other briefly intermittently during the feeds.

Then there was a moment of silence. Except for faint, soft suckling sounds. Hehe.

Baby NZ was already getting milk from the second outlet of her milk supply (only moms will probably get this) when the funny thing happened. After she was done and before I could burp her, the silence of was interrupted.

Prrrrrrruuuuppppp. Pruuppp. Prrruuuuppppppp. Prup. 

Know what sound is that? My little one doing a No.2! Hehehehehehe. The room instantly filled with laughter.

“Kuatnya,” I embarrassingly said.

“Baru habis menyusu. Biasa la tu,” another mother said, reassuringly.

Before having a baby, I never knew that not only can babies be loud sleepers but when they’re doing their business, it can get loud too. Even passing gas could be a very audible affair.

Now that she’s a little over 2 months old, the sounds aren’t so dramatic anymore. My princess is growing. 🙂

Funny Story #2

Babies love bath time. My sister said it’s most likely because it reminds them of their time in the womb, safe and tucked in (amniotic) fluid. My baby has never cried when I’m bathing her; she absolutely loves the water. I foresee baby swimming lessons in the near future!

There was this one time when I was preparing for my baby’s bath time. I had rested Baby NZ on the support base placed inside her bath tub. I ducked down for less than a second to grab some clean water from another tub and when I looked up, she was looking at me…with a smile!!!

Imagine that.

I melted.

And she was crying relentlessly just minutes before bath time.

It’s these little things that are priceless.

Funny Story #3

Not only do babies make many loud sounds during their slumber, but they can move around a lot too. Baby NZ is an expert when it comes to squirming and fidgeting, it’s so cute. She’s learning more and more about body coordination but her movements are still in the experimenting stage.

One night when she was sleeping, her arms and legs were moving around, up and down.

As a mom, it’s tough to get a good night’s sleep when your baby is making hand swishes in the air coupled with some leg stomping during his/her sleep, out of concern that something is wrong. But this is all part of the baby’s growth development, ey?

During this night, I was in and out of sleep because of this. Then I noticed one of her mittens had slid off.

I tried looking around her and in her swaddle wrap but I could not retrieve the lost mitten.

Then I saw it. It had landed on her head! And it didn’t look like it was about to fall off. I was tickled by the discovery and quickly snapped a photo to capture the moment.

That’s not very princess-y behaviour! LOL.

These moments may seem menial, but they mean so much. You never want to forget these precious memories so record and compile your baby’s funny antics in a baby journal. When you need a reason to smile, this journal will do you right!

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