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Why I Love ̶T̶h̶e̶ SPOTLIGHT

May 12, 2016

Move over Ikea and Daiso, there’s a new household shop in town.

It’s called Spotlight!

Okay, it’s not so new but one of the latest.

On second thought, Spotlight doesn’t measure up in the same league as Ikea and Daiso when it comes to price. We are all aware that furniture at Ikea are relatively affordable (plus stylish) and ALL items at Daiso are at a fixed price of RM5 (and now added with GST) when meanwhile, the price tags at Spotlight are in the higher range. This is mainly because its items are imported (and super cute!!).

This home decor store hails from Australia and is currently a shopping haven for me. Especially after being married, you cheat your apparel shopping with furniture shopping. (And after getting a baby, your taste for shopping once again shifts to a new area.)

If you love to sew, I strongly urge you to visit Spotlight. In the Klang Valley, they have outlets in Ikano, Ampang Point and The Mines. Sewing is not a forte of mine but what I love the most about this store is its FABRIC. I go fabric frenzy each time I’m there and you can count on the fact that I’m a VIP member (which is free)! As a VIP member, you will receive monthly catalogues and are entitled to discounts.


While there’s Jakel and Gulati’s, fabric here is different. If you are planning to get traditional wear like the baju melayu or baju kurung/kebaya tailored, then yes, Jakel and Gulati’s are the perfect sources to hunt for fabric at. Especially if you’re a fan of lace. At Spotlight on the other hand, various types of fabric are sold (besides cotton) which you don’t find at the typical fabric store in Malaysia — like flannel and quilt.

I’ve bought flannel fabric to make swaddle blankets for my baby. The prints are undeniably ADORABLE.


Some of their flannel are kinda thick and not so appropriate in our tropical climate (unless the A/C is at full blast [not good for mother nature!]); you could opt for the thinner type. But now that my baby is growing and will do away with swaddling soon, I have shifted my shopping needs to…

Baby’s Baju Raya!

Since Spotlight has a lot of cute prints for kids, I decided to purchase fabric there.

In addition to that, Spotlight was having a mega sale as all fabric was 50% off! And that was the last day. Someone hasn’t been checking her mail.


“Omg, these are so cute!” I told my sister as we perused through their fabric section. “Omg this would make an adorable mini baju kurung for my baby!”

Initially I thought of having both pieces of the baju kurung in the same print. But my sister gave a better idea.

“Why don’t you use the main design as the top and a matching abstract-printed fabric for the kain?” she suggested.

“Omg, an even better idea!” I concurred.

Here’s a sneak peek (like, literally a sneak lol):


As we are less than two months away from the holy month of Ramadan, all that lingered in my head was whether the tailor would still accept new orders. Plus, not every tailor is able to sew baby apparel. It’s trickier than adult clothes.

Boy was I relieved when the tailor did not reject me. I can’t wait for the results.

On that note, fasting month will be here soon! In shaa Allah. 🙂


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