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My Choice of Strollers and Why I Don’t Regret Them

September 7, 2016

Expecting for the first time was like walking into uncharted territory for me. You didn’t really know what to expect except for the stories people told. Knowing what to buy also proved to be quite a challenge, even for those mandatory purchases i.e. stroller, crib, etc. The market offers so many brands, it’s tough when you only want the best.

In a previous entry which you can read here FTM: First Time Mothers, I wrote briefly on what I opine as pertinent factors to consider when buying a stroller. The first stroller I bought was before the arrival of my Little One and boy, it was quite a task! I’ll tell you this, it’s pretty impossible to find a stroller that checks every single criteria on your list unless you don’t have that many.

During our string of trips to several different baby shops, I was introduced to an Italian brand called Foppapedretti when we walked into Mamours in Empire Subang. Quite a mouthful, the name. Hehe. There were two models from the same brand but the Myo caught my eye:



Check out a video here: Myo Tronic Foppapedretti

1. Maneuvers VERY smoothly (biggest plus point)
2. The pushchair can be rotated 360 degrees
3. Big diaper bag
4. Comes with a compatible carrier
5. Solid structure
6. It has style 🙂

1. A price tag $$ that will make you squinch your eyes ><
2. Small basket
3. Heavy chassis
4. Space-consuming once collapsed
5. The distance between hand bar and pushchair (when fully reclined) is a bit farther than your average stroller (this design feature is to enable the 360 degree rotation)

After some leg work done at home (aka online research), I decided to get the Foppapedretti Myo! Outside of Malaysia, there is a version of the Myo that runs on an electric motor (like the one seen in the YouTube link). If I had purchased this version, it would have been even more expensive. But a motorised stroller isn’t really a necessity… Motor-less, it had already won an award for its awesome design.

Post usage, I do not regret the purchase. Even with the hefty price tag, a stroller like this is supposed to have minor (or delayed) wear and tear issues and is suitable until the child reaches the age of 4, which could subsequently be used for her sibling one day.

Hence, worth the investment.

Why I don’t mind the Cons (following the above order):
1. (Explained above)
2. Compensated by the big diaper bag which is hung from the hand bar
3. Heavy, but solid!
4. It’s space-consuming partly due to the big wheels, but that is what makes maneuvering so easy.
5. The 360 degree rotation feature enables the Little One to be positioned in whichever way most comfortable like when we are seated at a restaurant.

In a nutshell, I am absolutely in love with the Myo. I do however, prefer to have the husband around when using this stroller for the heavy lifting.



So when I’m not with my husband, stroller #2 comes to the rescue — the Joie Float!



I couldn’t find a video on the Float, but here’s one on the Joie Mirus which is very similar: Joie Mirus

Joie is a new brand on the market from the UK, and it was the very first brand we looked at during our hunt for a baby stroller at Mothercare. Instantly, I knew it was a good brand.

1. Ultra light weight. Despite this, it doesn’t prove to be flimsy either.
2. VERY easy to collapse
3. Hand bar can be flipped to either side, so you can have your baby facing the world or facing you. This was a deal breaker feature for me in which most strollers do not possess. I assume it’s due to design constraints.

1. When the hand bar is flipped from the conventional side (i.e. baby facing the world), maneuvering becomes a little tricky as the wheels have switched to their secondary directions.
2. Since it does not collapse into a fold, it does take up space when stored in the car boot.

The Joie Float is perfect for travelling and going to places with space constraints. Also perfect when there’s no one with the muscles to lift the stroller in and out of the car boot! With a much more reasonable and affordable price, the Float doesn’t come with any accessories or compatible carrier. But we’ve got that covered from the Foppa.

What’s for sure: I definitely recommend both strollers.

So Moms, Happy Hunting! And remember, safety first!

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