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Baby’s First Flight

March 2, 2017

It’s natural for first-time parents who are about to fly with their baby for the first time, to feel nervous.

I was.

The obvious worries were there.
What if my baby cries inconsolably mid-air?
Will other passengers get irritated?
Will my baby be comfortable sitting on my lap throughout the journey, as she doesn’t fit in a bassinet anymore?

I am happy to say though, the first flight we had with the baby was “smooth-flying”! We chose to fly with Malindo Air; no complaints!

While it can be challenging flying with a baby, it does comes with perks. For instance, we get to cut queue when boarding. Hehe.

Excuse me, baby coming through!

With a bigger seat, I’m able to share it with my baby.

I am still very new to this, but here are some suggestions I have if you’re about to embark on an up-in-the-sky journey with the little one:

1. Pack a few of your baby’s toys to bring inside the cabin
Flights can experience delays, even after you’ve boarded. While going through that wait and before your baby gets agitated, you can distract your baby with his/her favourite toys.

2. Pack a pillow or two
While you can always ask for pillows from flight attendants, it’s always nice to have your baby’s very own on-board.

3. Choose front row seats
If you’ve requested for a baby bassinet, you’re bound to be seated in the front row. If you don’t require one (because your baby is already big), you should still try to snag those front row seats because they offer more legroom. A spacious seating area will absolutely make a difference, especially if the baby decides he/she wants to stand. If your budget permits, go for Business Class. Otherwise, you can always reserve an extra seat in Economy for more room, at a reduced airfare. I haven’t done this before, but I do think you need to contact the airline personally for this type of request. There should be more info online.

Baby enjoying in-flight entertainment

4. Nurse/Bottle-feed the baby during take-off
My cousin who is a flight attendant advised me to either nurse the baby or give her a pacifier during the plane’s take-off. This is to ease any discomfort inside the baby’s ear. I did just that but it seemed that my baby was OK anyway even if I hadn’t.

5. Ask for seat belt extension
The flight attendant will most likely give you one when he/she sees you with an infant in your lap, but just in case, do ask for one.

6. Get a compact stroller
I’ve heard good testimonials from moms who use popular compact strollers like Zen Yoyo and Tavo. I had chosen the Mountain Buggy Nano and yes, totally recommended for travelling. It collapses into a fold and comes with a bag. Additionally, it fits nicely into the cabin overhead!

If I were to compare it with the Joie Float that I also have, this one is much more compact but heavier. The Float is made of a lighter structure while this one is of metal and hence, more durable.

We flew domestic so it was a short trip and experimental in a way. We’re more confident now travelling with an infant. It was a very enjoyable getaway, to literally get away from the city. Til the next trip!

Hello and Goodbye, Ocean!


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