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My Baby Diva

March 23, 2017

It’s another typical dinner at Chilis, just the three of us.

Since we had to leave the stroller out front, I had to unload everything from the basket (including Mommy’s shopping bags hehe) to the booth-styled seating we were assigned to. All the bags were chucked to one side in a pile next to me and my husband was seated on the other with our daughter.

As our dishes arrived, all the dishes and drinks were once again chucked to one corner so that they were not within our one-year-old’s reach. When it was time to dig in, we shifted her to the baby chair for her to eat as well.

The little one was busy seeking the pleasure of going on a shredding expedition with the kid’s activity leaflet while my husband and I tried to have our adult conversations. It wasn’t long before she got bored and I handed her a napkin. She once again journeyed on a solo ripping fest, leaving behind a layer of napkin strips on the floor beneath the baby chair. It looked like it snowed, man.

What an illustration. A long-winded one. Sorry about that.

My husband shook his head. “Well this is embarrassing,” he said.

To add insult to the injury, I accidentally knocked over my baby’s sippy cup and spilled water all over the table. One of the staff rushed to our aid, wiped the table clean…and picked up our baby’s mess on the floor, as it was hard to miss.

My husband shook his head again.

“Thank you,” we both said to her.

My baby girl is definitely not the type to sit still, not in one place anyway.

In the adult world, she’s venting out anger.
In the teenage world, she’s a rebel.
In the royal world, she’s a princess warrior.
And in the baby world, she’s high-spirited.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

*          *          *

Citing an excerpt from an episode of Odd Mom Out, Jill discovers a new acronym from her son’s therapist: O.D.D. She’s heard of A.D.H.D., but O.D.D.?

“I can’t keep up with the labels,” the mother of 3 says.

Her therapist was ‘diagnosing’ her son with ODD – oppositional defiance disorder. “The symptoms are defiant, argumentative, doesn’t take no for an answer, easily annoyed…,” she explains.

“Isn’t that K-I-D?” Jill jokes around. “He’s just strong-willed.”

She (Jill) has a point.

While all kids across the board share pretty similar behavioural traits, perhaps some are just a little more strong-willed, a little more high-spirited. If you know what I mean.

Take my baby girl for example. She’s on the very active side, and loud.

Baby Diva
Divas do exist amongst infants and toddlers! LOL. She’s a baby diva because she’s demanding. She knows what she wants, when she wants it. Whether it’s a toy or paper box, she knows. When she can’t get what she wants, all hail the screams. She also has the tendency of wanting to get a hold of whatever we’re holding. She’ll snag it away from you. Just like when she sees the food we eat. “Me want!!!!” her face says.

Her diva moments even prompted my sister to get a book called “Match Your Manners”. Although she’s still too young to understand, we always train her to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’, and to be PATIENT. *Mommy Nadia wipes sweat*

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to
Yeap it’s trueeeee…. Take her aqeeqah ceremony and birthday party for example. Despite being a baby diva, she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight sometimes. All the “Oh so cute” comments can probably wait, although her parents are smitten by them. An overload of attention and affection from people can make her cranky and moody. Not only that, she’ll have a sudden urge of wanting to be carried most of the time. Diva nak bodyguard, kot. Hehe. Thankfully, her people skills are getting better as she grows.

Carry Me Away
When we’re out at the mall, she refuses to be stroller-bound for more than 15 minutes at a time. We thought a baby carrier would be an effective alternative, but we were wrong. Baby likes her space and freedom. We’ve grown accustomed to this, at least until she’s able to completely walk on her own. We’ve also formed several strategies to keep the exhaustion at a minimal level. If you observe carefully, a lot of babies have a hard time sitting in a stroller. We’re not the type to let the baby sit in the pram and self-soothe, because it’ll take a gazillion years for her to cool down. So instead of aggravating her cries and frustration, we’ll take the high road and have that arm muscle do some work. 🙂

Acoustically Annoyed
I don’t know about other babies, but when my little one doesn’t get her way, she’ll express herself through audio, creating an inner growl or roar – literally. Picture a cute baby bear getting angry. Lol.

When her YouTube video is interrupted by those annoying ads for instance, grrrrrrrrrrr.
When we take away her toy from her hand, grrrrrrrrrrr.
When the next spoonful of food is a little delayed, grrrrrrrrrrr.

A Screamer
When it’s not an inner growl, it’s a scream. A high-pitched one. And another one. And another one. To balance it off, she does a lot of laughing too. She should be grateful to have crazy parents who are willing to act silly to get those giggles!

Baby you’re a firework
A fireworks of toys, that is. Imagine a baby rummaging through pandora’s box, but not finding what she wants. She goes through each item, one by one. Scratch that — she throws each item out, one by one like fireworks. If she could talk, she’ll be like one of those high-powered woman decision-makers. “No, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no, yes, NO!” The good thing though, she doesn’t get bored of her toys easily. She just prefers some over others at certain times.

This is how I sign out – Bottle Drop!
In the adult world, we know it as a mic drop. She’s a diva, she’s gotta have her signature exit. When she’s happily drinking her milk in her bouncing chair and she’s done, there goes the bottle drop! It never fails to amuse us. It’s her way of saying, “I’m full and outta here!”

Little Einstein
Strong-willed or not, all babies are smart. For instance, when my baby girl opens up a book. she knows when it’s upside down! *Proud parent moment* She knows her favourite songs, she knows how to have one-sided conversations with Siri (lol) and she knows when we’re going out.

Yes, it’s tiring. Whatever it takes for my baby to be her happy and healthy self, we’ll endure it. Whatever princess she chooses to be, she has our stamp of approval! ❤


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