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Buying TOYS from Lazada: Yay or Nay?

November 29, 2017

Online shopping is like THE thing these days, right?

I have to admit, I’m a late bloomer when it comes to virtual shopping. I was never really keen of the idea of going online to purchase items.

I can’t look at the real thing.
I can’t feel the real thing.
I can’t try on the real thing.
I don’t trust online shopping (depending on the website/trader).
I’m not patient. When I know I want something, I want it NOW! 5-7 days for delivery? No! AHHH!

Oh, it’s pretty dangerous too. Why?


Doesn’t sound like you did some damage to the wallet, right? Oh, but you did. LOL. Things can get out of hand if you don’t control your temptations.

Recently, I’ve given online shopping a go, when everyone else is already a pro.

I started out by buying clothes for myself and so far, no qualms.


When you buy those very dirt cheap clothes, beware. I know I have this one top that’s easy to the eyes, but I can’t even button it properly.

Now, I’ve shifted focus from clothes to toys. (Though I did get some tudungs online, not too long ago.)

One reason why online shopping has sky-rocketed is because it’s a platform that offers great deals as compared to walking in a physical retail shop.

But how wise is it to buy toys from those various traders that you come across on websites like Lazada? Purchasing toys from major retailers on the other hand is a different story, where terms and conditions are clearly expressed and quality usually isn’t disputable.

My daughter’s collection of toys range from my old toys from way back when (which are in pretty excellent condition, thanks to her Grandma) and new ones that either I’ve bought or were gifted from friends and family. It’s truly amazing how my daughter is playing with a 20 year-old toy, that doesn’t even look its age!

Anyway, I recently purchased a snazzy pink play castle from Lazada, at a price you probably won’t get in stores. The castle even lights up with music.

Not bad, I thought.

Upon closer scrutiny however……….

I noticed a few gasping-worth moments (lol):

Prince & Princess Figurines
– they look like they were made from the same mould with different hair
– the prince looks more like a butler
– the princess looks like a hula dancer (but princesses come in all shapes and sizes anyway!)

The Castle
– the window sticker looked like it was slapped on carelessly without precision. Senget!!
– the princess looking out the window is not the princess figurine

– the screw that enables the play castle to fold is not secured tightly; I caught it coming off once.

While most of my above observations are cosmetic and harmless, my last point is a cause for concern. A loose screw could become a choking hazard for your child.

I must give props to the accessories though, which I find are pretty neat (although they’re not made to scale):

Here’s another example of two wooden peg puzzles I bought:

The first picture of a numbers peg puzzle is manufactured by a known brand called Melissa & Doug, at a price of RM30. The second picture is a shapes peg puzzle that is without a brand name, bought at a stall in a mall, at a price of approximately RM12.

The differences?

Numbers Peg Puzzle
– base is flat and stabile
– numbers are smooth in edges

Shapes Peg Puzzle
– base is thinner and not completely flat
– wood is easily chipped at the sides
– the yellow pentagon’s peg came off easily

Red flags! Chipped wood and loose small pieces (peg)?! Not safe for children!!!


…is going stingy and thrifty on toys jeopardising the safety of your little ones?

Yes, it could. I wouldn’t say everything that are sold online or are cheap poses a danger, but the risk is there. Toys and items that are sold by established brands will have most likely gone through a safety test before obtaining a stamp of approval to be put on shelves.

Whether cheap or not, our judgment is always required whether something is child safe or not. Although these toys did serve their purpose of helping my child develop, I also hope that manufacturers – who not only make toys but any type of merchandise for the usage of children – take safety very, very seriously.

Meantime, nak beli tudung murah online takde hal… 😉

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