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Can Mom Life Be Glam Life?

November 1, 2017



This is not a sad post. (I hope)

Something got me thinking recently.

Does a tiring, exhausting daily mom routine take a toll on your life, negatively?

I think a common fear among us who become mothers is that we transition into someone different after having children. We forget about our personal life goals, interests and passion. We fear that eventually, we will lose who we really are.

Don’t turn into a no-fun, nagging Mak Cik, you tell yourself. Lol.

There’s nothing wrong with having your kids and family revolve around your life wholly, but yes, that ‘me-time’ is essential.

On the flipside, mothers will find out that during those me-times, you will miss your little ones to the bone. Even after 10 minutes of leaving the house.

But still, have a little me-time.

For moms who have no one to care for the kids, husbands should step in and offer a ‘mom voucher’, by literally kicking your wife out of the house, for her to enjoy a few hours of retail or spa with her friends. Husbands don’t work every single day; there must be a day or two in a week he can make this happen.


But doesn’t mom life come with sacrifices anyway?

110% TRUE.

You can’t make impromptu decisions any more. You can’t take on a new career path without thinking about the implications, long and hard.

The least you can do is by treating yourself to that long-needed me-time, every once in a while.

And you know what? There are sooooo many ways for moms to not only keep you on your toes, but generate income as well, whether you’re working in an office or stay at home. Follow the drive of your passion and deploy as much effort as you can. It’ll take you somewhere.


We come across those glamorous, sophisticated and perfectly snapped photos of mothers going about their day-to-day life on social media all the time. There they are, poised with a snazzy get-up and their baby tucked cutely in their arms.

Photos are mere photos, so don’t be fooled.

I mean, they do display the truth of what’s happening (sometimes) but realistically, it’s not that composed and picture perfect all the time.

For me, a typical day at home is a Wednesday that’s like a lazy Sunday, me in my glasses and really not looking glamorous at all. Yeah, it’s an off-putting scenario. However, we are in a position to make that change. Don’t bury yourself in a rut and become somewhat depressed. All it takes is to muster courage and spirit to get a kick-start.

I love taking all kinds of photos depicting my life as a mom. Be it OOTDs, flatlays, my motherhood merchandise and also when I’m working and pretty in make-up. (I’m thankful that despite the circumstances, I get to be dolled up two to three times a week because it’s part of my job!) These photos give some sense of encouragement and motivation that life isn’t all that bad.

And that MOM LIFE can be somewhat glamorous.


The little things count.

If you want a fancy baju kurung with extravagant ruffles for next Raya, why not?
If you want to wear purple lipstick, why not?
If you want a hip and cool diaper bag, why not?
If you want to dress up your little one, why not?
If you want a Kate Spade handbag, why not? (Eh, how did that get in here? Hehe.)

Do what you want if it makes you feel you. Even if they are only menial matters.


It helps to be grateful with what you have.

If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, be thankful that your little ones are being cared for under your watch, 24/7.
If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, be thankful for the luxury of staying home, on your own schedule.
If you’re a stay-at-home-mom, be thankful for no Monday blues.

If you’re a working mom, be thankful for the time you have away with friends and colleagues.
If you’re a working mom, be thankful for the hard earned paycheck you get every month.
If you’re a working mom, be thankful for the ability to work and care for your children at the same time.

When you’re thankful, you will be able to achieve even greater things.

So moms,
*shooting stars*


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