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Letting Go of a Dream?

November 24, 2017

“Dukacita dimaklumkan anda tidak berjaya ke peringkat seterusnya.”

That was a text message I received after attending an audition some 3 weeks ago.


If you know me well, you would know how much I love the TV…..with a passion.

No, not watching TV (I’m no couch potato! Hehe.), but being on TV.

And no, not for acting. I wouldn’t be good at that. LOL.

I love the thrill, unpredictability and how it’s all about keeping the viewers tuned in. I get to be myself, automatically. It’s daunting but that’s what is so appealing about the industry.

Even after a short full-time stint in broadcasting and upon entering the corporate field, my pursuit to accomplish more as an anchor/presenter/host never stopped.

In fact, my first official solo outing after confinement was to an audition. Yes, was itching to go!

Although it came to no fruition, I didn’t give up. I attended another one recently and faced another rejection.

The old Nadia would have cried, sprawled on the floor over sheer disappointment. The Nadia now……….is kind of relieved? Still disappointed but relieved.

I have to admit, I’ve changed after becoming a mother. I have the same spirit and goals, but my priorities and passion have slightly skewed. I even feel the difference when I attend an audition.

So, in the face of rejection, there’s always something positive.

Perhaps I didn’t make the cut because of my background. Or the X Factor they were looking for wasn’t in me……or perhaps it’s the fact I’m due to give birth to my second child at the very same time the show I auditioned for is supposed to kick-start!

Talk about timing!

Nevertheless, I am still reading the news. I will never get bored of that. Perhaps, I’m more of a ‘newsy’ person.

It’s not actually letting go of a dream. It’s actually starting a new chapter. When a door closes, another one opens. Really!!

I still wonder, how would my life have turned out if I had followed through on a different path in my broadcasting career? What if I had attended more and more auditions and devoted most of my life to the industry? I have a lot of friends who started out in the industry at the same time as I did and are now in a whole different phase of life. I wonder, what if I had chosen that route?

I might not be married, I might not have children. Or I may be married with children, but with totally different living arrangements.

Life is all about choices, huh?

Even if I haven’t traveled on that road that I wonder about, new opportunities have arisen. I am very grateful.

For instance, I am more involved in the local motherhood industry. I had no idea on the many and huge opportunities it has to offer. It has a big market, too. What better thing can I ask for when I get to exude my passion as a mother while working? That it’s a requirement?


So no, becoming a mother has not forced me to let go of a dream. Instead, it has reignited a newfound light at the end of the tunnel. 😉



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