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The Age of Vint[age]

October 16, 2010
Ever felt like you’re stuck in the 70’s/80’s (in a fashionably positive way, that is) albeit the trasitioning of modern style?
Ever felt let down by the latest trends, only finding them similar with the previous and upcoming styles?

Maybe it’s time we go
back to basic
back in time
back to the past

In retrospect, we’re using yesteryears’ rules and regulations of fashion for today!

After all, if it wasn’t for the old, there would never be the new. Just like how great music transpired in the 90’s. Without that foundation, there wouldn’t be awesome music produced today.

Before you chuck aside all those blouses, bags and accessories of your mother’s or aunt’s hand-me-downs, save that shopping money and get creative with what you’ve been given for free. Who says vintage doesn’t fly today?

A few days ago, I experienced the joy of vintage shopping. Vintage carries the trait of being unique and one of a kind. You probably won’t catch someone else wearing the same outfit or using the same bag. The art of vintage may come as a drawback for those who thrive and look meticulously on brands as most vintage apparel do not come from high-end designers, but the outcome may change their minds.

I got myself a yellow chiffon blouse similar to the ones below:

Team up your outfit with more vintage elements:

Let’s keep the past alive, shall we? 😉

(*The author encountered some technical difficulty while creating this entry, stay updated for a more indepth entry soon!)

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