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Pregnancy Update: I Feel Like a Giant, Immobile Blob.

March 6, 2018

Although being pregnant takes a toll on our physical and mental state, it’s one of the most rewarding blessings. 

The physical implications include endless exhaustion, high consumption of energy and of course, body changes (due to giving birth, breastfeeding, running around like a maniac, etc.). Even your uterus expands after having being pregnant once, thus creating more space. My doctor says that could be one of the reasons I’m feeling more movement with Baby #2 as compared to my first.

The mental implications on the other hand include being more susceptible to nervous breakdowns, the innate need to stay sane and the power to accept whatever insurmountable changes and sacrifices.

This second pregnancy has proven to be more challenging than my first thus far, due to many reasons.

Being pregnant is one thing, but being pregnant while caring for a toddler is another!


As much as I want to push myself, there are limits. I can do a lot of things, but I can’t do everything. Not like before, at least. That’s why I’m so thankful to have extra help during this pregnancy.

 I can’t carry my toddler as often 

Following doctor’s advice, I need to avoid carrying my 2-year-old as much as I can, to avoid a uterine prolapse which is a sagging of the uterus. *shrieks* Orang tua-tua pun cakap benda sama. Even though it gets tiring doing so, I miss it! Especially when you enter the third trimester, it feels almost impossible to carry your child as you are already lugging around a heavy load in the belly!

 I can’t bend for long periods

When you’re prone to backaches from mere bending, I can’t do a lot of things, like bathing my little one. I miss it. :’-(

 My toddler is getting more affectionate than ever

That’s what old folks say – your child will always know when they’re about to receive a successor. LOL. My little munchkin is soooo much more manja these days.

It’s a little heartbreaking, as you can tell it’s within her knowledge that she won’t be the baby of the family anymore, but I have a feeling she will enjoy having a sibling that she can connect with easily because of the small age gap.

Part of her excessive affection these days include the need to cuddle, right next to my tummy! Either she’s starting to get jealous, or she just can’t wait for the arrival of her little sibling. 🙂

 A more challenging pregnancy than the first

The title of this entry explains how I currently feel. The physical discomfort has definitely heightened. Although I don’t feel like a giant blob the time, it sure struck pretty early as compared to my first pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I was able to be on the go even just a mere few days of giving birth. Not this time. It could be the fact that I have a toddler to care for, so I tend to feel fatigued more easily. My doctor also said the first pregnancy is always the best, because of your physical state that’s still ‘intact’. Hehe.

Let me give a break down of what I mean by a giant, immobile blob:

L I M I T E D  M O V E M E N T S • At 6 months, I’ve already felt the need to start praying in a sit down position. I remember during my first pregnancy, I was still able to pray via the conventional movements at 8 months (but slowly, of course).

* T O U G H  N I G H T S • My tummy tends to harden and feel heavier than ever, coupled with rapid baby movements during the night. Although it makes it harder to get a good night’s sleep, I do all I can to get one. One, by using the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow and two, by constantly switching sleep positions from left to right when it gets uneasy on either side. I swear by the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow, because it’s a miracle worker. Initially, I thought any pillow or bolster would do, but this pillow has definitely been invented and designed differently by the experts. It’s important that I get adequate rest to stock up energy for when I go into labour, which could be any day now!

* H E A R T B U R N • Ohhhhh my heartburn is really bad this time. And yes, it hurts but, it is avoidable. I keep the heartburn away by avoiding spicy food and surprisingly by cutting intake of bread and biscuits too. Not only is heartburn a nightmare these days, but as embarrassing as it is to admit – constipation as well. >”< Doctor says to up water consumption and to eat lots of fruits.

* S P I D E R  V E I N S • It’s so much more apparent this time! I was a bit freaked out at first when I saw my belly but did read that this is normal, especially with subsequent pregnancies.

* G O O D B Y E  M A L L  W A L K S • I can’t walk for long periods without having to stop and sit, and catch my breath. I can’t even sit for too long, unless it’s on a chair with multiple cushions. However, I still make it a point to be moving about when I can. I am definitely not one to just be bumming around. (Good luck to me during pantang! *sweats*)

*          *          *

**Latest Update: Baby#2 has descended! I didn’t even realise how the upper part of my baby bump has given way until my physician pointed it out.

Am I ready? I’ll be ready when the baby’s ready, In shaa Allah. I mean, I am definitely nervous but I do believe when the right time arrives, we’ll be ready. I like to call it – showtime! Everything has been planned nicely by God, so let’s think positive all the way through.

Ouch, mild contraction coming through as I’m writing this. Eeeeewwwkkss.

I can’t believe I’ll soon be a Mom of 2!


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