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Be Your Alter Ego For A Day

June 10, 2009
“I play it safe.”

“I’m by the book.”

“I do it the prim & proper way.”

“I abide the rules.”

* * * *

Tired of coming up with these excuses? These are the things we tell ourselves as an explanation for our hesitant reflexes when it comes to daring acts.

No, I don’t mean dangerous stunts and such…

I mean – FASHION! 🙂

From my point of view, there are 2 types of fashion:

1) one for the runway
2) one for the streets

Disaster strikes when the two are mixed up and put in the wrong time and place. All those fashion we see in magazines are mainly meant to be shown on the runway. And they look absolutely stunning on a model doing the catwalk; and not on someone taking a morning stroll in the park, for instance.

Let’s keep these on the runway…and on the runway alone:

Then there are those designed for the runway AND the streets:

When I mentioned to be daring, there’s an extent to these daring acts – don’t take it too far. Maintain moderation and try not to set a major contrast between you and the rest of the world. Unless if the party was made for you, that is. 😉 Don’t be afraid to get all dolled up for a special night out, a posh dinner or for some glam party!

Let these celebrity photos trigger some ideas:

~ Jennifer Love Hewitt ~

Beautiful evening gown

(R) A white dress suitable for day or night wear

~ Avril Lavigne ~

Punk rock look with a fashionable hat

~ Ashlee Simpson ~

Another punk rock look with the hat & sneakers

~ The Veronicas ~

Feminity with slots of punk rock

My Favourite:

~ Jennifer Lopez ~

GORGEOUS outfit with GORGEOUS matching heels

The next time you receive an invitation to the “coolest and hippest party of the year”, get in the game and set the standards higher. Bring the fashionista out in you and transform your closet into a diva’s haven!

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