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May 2016

Mommy Diaries Off Air

Infinity Love ❤

I recently had a chat with a friend about taking care of babies. And how some babies are brought into this world in unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunate circumstances that could have been avoided. As much as we wish for it to be possible, not every…

May 18, 2016
Fashion Off Air Shopping

Why I Love ̶T̶h̶e̶ SPOTLIGHT

Move over Ikea and Daiso, there’s a new household shop in town. It’s called Spotlight! Okay, it’s not so new but one of the latest. On second thought, Spotlight doesn’t measure up in the same league as Ikea and Daiso when it comes to…

May 12, 2016
Mommy Diaries Off Air

Short Funny Stories of Baby NZ

Funny Story #1 We were at the hospital as my baby was due for a check-up with her paediatrician (and for vaccination). But before the terrified cries and shrieks of getting shot, there was a funny incident in the nursing room at the hospital.…

May 3, 2016