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June 2009

Fashion Off Air

Don’t Let It Cramp Your Style, Working Girl

It’s not like going to the mall or going to college. It’s serious business. …going to the office, that is. Some of us may be working girls, fresh to the working industry or undergoing an internship; whatever it is — formality is vital. Being…

June 30, 2009
Fashion Off Air

I’m Wearing Mary Janes (No, It’s Not a Brand!)

Fashion isn’t a mere hobby, interest or art. It’s also an education. Just like any other field of study, fashion has its own terminology. We’re always talking and writing about fashion, it’s time we familiarise ourselves with the fashion thesaurus. 😉 We see these…

June 20, 2009
Fashion Off Air

The Art of Mixing & Matching

Exhibit A: ~ Plain White T ~ It probably costs around RM15 to get one, or possibly cheaper. But it could work so many wonders. * * * Exhibit B: You could wear it with a vest like this: The good news about white…

June 16, 2009
Fashion Off Air

Wear It With A Smile & Some Style : Casual Wear

Ever get stressed out just by trying to think of what to wear for the day that’s ahead of you? There’s no special occasion, it’s just a normal day, you’re just going out to run some errands… but you want to look just right.…

June 13, 2009
Fashion Off Air

Gaga Over Charms

From the day I was born, I’ve been obsessed over charm bracelets! There’s something about the jingle they give everytime your hand moves. Charm bracelets are uniquely special; each charm may symbolise different elements such as love,an event,an interest,a pet orcharacter. – All to…

June 11, 2009
Fashion Off Air

Be Your Alter Ego For A Day

“I play it safe.” “I’m by the book.” “I do it the prim & proper way.” “I abide the rules.” * * * * Tired of coming up with these excuses? These are the things we tell ourselves as an explanation for our hesitant…

June 10, 2009
Fashion Off Air

Groovy Summer Footwear

Chuck those winter boots away, we’re in dire need of some nice summer footwear pampering! I just ordered a pair of Schuh white leather zulu sandals online. It’s something like this: They look superbly comfy. I can’t wait til they arrive! This type of…

June 9, 2009
Fashion Off Air

Atrociously Just Bags

My first love in fashion is bags – and more bags! Top priorities: tote bags and handbags. They’re a special piece of accessory that can inject confidence and excitement. Even without intense dolling up and dressing up, a fabulous bag can bring out the…

June 8, 2009
Fashion Off Air

The Hills & Its Fashion

The Hills season 5 reached its finale which almost made me teared. I’ll miss having to routinely and diligently download episodes each week just to watch some juicy, edited 20 minute drama. I know it’s not as real as it has been proclaimed, but…

June 7, 2009