Emceeing Off Air

Common Mispronunciations

December 1, 2015
We’re all guilty of us. 
I’m guilty of this.
But these mistakes are so common that they are sometimes overlooked. When it comes to public speaking/emceeing/reading the news — this is a big NO-NO. 
Here are some of those common mispronunciations we make everyday:
1. The day after Tuesday:
We often hear it pronounced as Whe – nez – day
It’s totally wrong.
The correct pronunciation is Whenz – day.  
2. Opposite of Northern:
Hannah Montana ya’ll? Haha. Even though we pronounce ‘south’ as such, the word above is not supposed to sound like south – thern.
It’s acutally suh – thern
3. When there is more than just one lady:
You would think ‘woman’ and ‘women’ sound the same, but mean differently. But in true fact, they do sound differently. 
Woman (singular) – woo – men
Women (plural) – weh – men
4. And of course…
It’s not pro – noun – cia – tion
(compare with ‘pronounce’)
But pro – nun – cia – tion
*     *     *
On the other hand, different pronunciations can exist due to different accents: 
i.e. American English vs British English 
They aren’t wrong, just said differently in different places. For example:
1. Thorough
2. Process
3. Project
4. Last
5. Flour
…and the list goes on! 

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