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The Hills & Its Fashion

June 7, 2009
The Hills season 5 reached its finale which almost made me teared.
I’ll miss having to routinely and diligently download episodes each week just to watch some juicy, edited 20 minute drama. I know it’s not as real as it has been proclaimed, but it has indeed been my source of entertainment for the past 10 weeks.

I love the fashion portrayed in The Hills.

All in all, here are the favourites, that has caught my eye:
1. The Perfect Hairdo

(Mind the ‘eye-bopping’ photo.)

Stephanie’s hairdo looks stunning with the inward curving of her bangs.
Her mascara blend of purple and blue adds a charming touch.

2. The Vintage Outfit

I am in love with Stephanie’s vintage outfit (L)!

3. The Second Vintage Look

Kimberly’s hair and makeup matches perfectly with her red outfit! The eyeliner did the magic.

Simplicity at its best.
If you intend to stand out from the crowd, red is your colour. Suits you for those shopping days, for attending parties and for those lunch dates!

3. The Third Vintage Look

Whitney’s look (L) charmed me in this episode. Full of elegance and not too matchy either.
(This is taken from an episode of The City.)

The earrings and her ‘messy hair’ look go well with the whole ensemble, too.

Who said only modern designs can pass the test? These vintage-looking earrings are great for those with long, wavy hair.

4. The Perfect Night Look

Audrina looks amazing with her night makeup that really makes her eyes stand out. It goes gorgeously well with her hair grabbed in a loose ponytail. It probably required gallons and gallons of hairspray.

5. Turquoise-Themed

That’s why everyone loves to buy black. It goes with almost any addictional piece like a cardigan and with just about any accessory. Stephanie (L) chose to have her black outfit to be streaked with splashes of turquoise/teal (notice her bangles and hairband).

The actual bracelets you see in the photo are Orka Mesica Teal Friendship Beads which are particularly pricey – $175, considering the fact that it’s inserted with four 14k yellow gold charms in between. It’s doesn’t quite fit within our normal budget line so here are some alternative ideas:

Stack them up neatly along your arms to go with a plain (black) top and you’re all set, whatever the occasion may be!

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