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Wear It With A Smile & Some Style : Casual Wear

June 13, 2009
Ever get stressed out just by trying to think of what to wear for the day that’s ahead of you?


no special occasion,
it’s just a normal day,

you’re just going out to run some errands…

but you want to look just right.


So it’s another ordinary day, but there are times where you find yourself squeezing and tweezing every muscle of your brain just trying to figure out a nice, decent and simple outfit.

You want to look simple, but you end up fancy.
You want to look mediocre, but you end up being bright.
You want to look decent, but you end up as a fashion-gone-wrong victim.

Don’t you ever get those days? You don’t want to get tensed up for such a small deal, but all you want is to

look good,
feel good,

and to boost some confidence.

You don’t need a million different outfits just to accommodate those casual days. Try mixing and matching. Mixing and matching is wise, but can get pretty ugly. :s Stay sensible and just keep things simple.

Sometimes less is more:
(courtesy of Gossip Girl & Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants celebs)

Blake Lively wears a simple ensemble; appropriate for those casual, non-eventful days. πŸ™‚
– Fav Piece: White Jacket –

* * *

Leighton Meester in a vintage yellow top; will look less formal with a denim skirt; the tie can stay. πŸ˜‰
– Fav Piece: Yellow Top –

* * *

Alexis Bledel wears a perfect combination of black & white; will look good with black slacks/ jeans.
– Fav Piece: Black Vest –

* * *

Amber Tambly in a sleek grey jacket; will look more casual with t-shirt & jeans instead.
– Fav Piece: Grey Jacket –

* * *

A preppy look; the plain colours gives the effect of simplicity & elegance; still suitable for those easy-going days. πŸ™‚
– Fav Piece: Navy Blue Buttoned Top –

* * *

Not to forget, here is America Farrera in the conventional methodology of casuality:
T-shirt & Jeans!
– Fav Piece: Any Cool T-Shirt that Fits Perfectly –

* * *

Other Celebs:

Don’t be induced by the mysterious art of this skillfully taken photo, but Mandy Moore’s top is definitely decent to the eyes and gorgeous at the same time.

Additional thoughts:

Compliment the top according to height. πŸ˜‰
a) for taller individuals – bell bottom-ish jeans
b) for slightly less taller individuals – skinny jeans or dark leggings

* * *

1st Look : Playing it safe
2nd Look : Simple yet sophisticated
3rd Look : Young and different

-Fav Look: the 3rd one –

* * *

In a nutshell, just make sure that whatever you’re wearing, you wear it with a smile and some style. πŸ™‚

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