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Atrociously Just Bags

June 8, 2009
My first love in fashion is bags – and more bags!
Top priorities: tote bags and handbags.

They’re a special piece of accessory that can inject confidence and excitement. Even without intense dolling up and dressing up, a fabulous bag can bring out the glow in you.

HB’s Criteria of the Perfect Bag:

1. Not too fancy & not too loud
2. Its colour matches almost any outfit you’re wearing

3. Not too big nor too small
& fits everything you need
4. Has easy access & easy mobility

5. Able to maintain its durability for a reasonable period

6. Something your heart tells you that you can’t leave the house without it

7. Practical for most occasions (especially for going to class, work, etc.)
8. Affordable

Then we have those other bags bought for special occasions. We’ll keep those aside for now.

My favourite brands are Lollipops and Jane Norman.

Lollipops designs are unique and absolutely intriguing. Each design is produced in a limited quantity to maintain its status quo.

Malaysian customers can get a hold of these bags directly from any Lollipops branch found in malls like Bangsar Village and Sunway Pyramid or in departmental stores.

Bags range from RM300 and above.

If you ever make it to Paris, visit a Lollipops branch because that’s where it all started! There is a far greater choice of design and affordable prices can be found.

This is the one I got from Paris:

But mine’s white in colour. 😉

Next up >> some Jane Norman frenzy!

As far as my knowledge goes, this brand is only available for UK customers. Perhaps some e-shopping might do the trick for international customers.

Here are some of my favourite designs:

I’ve also sqeezed in some wallets:

So that’s my review on bags! No matter which brand it may be, if it fits HB’s criteria list, no disputes!

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