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Don’t Let It Cramp Your Style, Working Girl

June 30, 2009
It’s not like going to the mall or going to college.
It’s serious business.

…going to the office, that is.

Some of us may be working girls, fresh to the working industry or undergoing an internship; whatever it is — formality is vital.

Being stuck in the office does not mean we can’t be fashionable.

Here are a few pointers as to what is appropriate and fashionable in the boardroom:

There are numerous tops that can compliment a blazer

such as a turtleneck

* * *

Or with a sleeveless blouse

* * *

Don’t forget, blazers can be fashionable too:

* * *

Pencil skirts spell sophistication and formality, which looks stunning with heels:

* * *

Pointed heels are gorgeous, especially with long pants; the only setback is that its triangular feature tends to cause discomfort to the feet.

* * *

If your office doesn’t mind some insertion of being casual, why not try a one-piece dress:

And why not add in a pearl necklace to establish a more formal look!

* * *

Some other styles that will work your way through:

Working can be fun at the same time. 🙂

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