Fashion Off Air

The Art of Mixing & Matching

June 16, 2009
Exhibit A:
~ Plain White T ~

It probably costs around RM15 to get one, or possibly cheaper. But it could work so many wonders.

* * *

Exhibit B:

You could wear it with a vest like this:

The good news about white is that it goes well with just about colour. The bad news: stains and stray marks are more visible to the eye.

In turn, the vest could be worn like this:

With any simple top underneath, wear it unbuttoned.

* * *

Exhibit C:

Or wear your white T with a scarf!

Scarf (b) is more appropriate for a cooler climate. My favourite is scarf (c) – thin and long; looks great clung around your neck like that.

In turn, these scarves could be used as fabulous headbands:

These headbands could also evolve into fabric belts like the one below, wrapped around your white T in any way you like!

* * *

Exhibit D:

Wear it with a cardigan as seen in photo (a) – which can also be worn with other tops and dresses as seen in photo (b).

You don’t need to buy countless coloured tops just to finish an appearance. Try to start with a plain white T, it’ll take you on a trip!

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