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Can Mom Life Be Glam Life?

THE FEAR This is not a sad post. (I hope) Something got me thinking recently. Does a tiring, exhausting daily mom routine take a toll on your life, negatively? I think a common fear among us who become mothers is that we transition into…

November 1, 2017
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Scrolling through my Facebook news feed, it looks like Malaysia’s all-time sweetheart singer is the bearer of wonderful news! ❀ After years and years of trying to conceive, she is finally pregnant! Four months, to be exact. Hopeful news for many couples. ❀❀ Guess who else…

October 13, 2017
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My Baby Diva

It’s another typical dinner at Chilis, just the three of us. Since we had to leave the stroller out front, I had to unload everything from the basket (including Mommy’s shopping bags hehe) to the booth-styled seating we were assigned to. All the bags…

March 23, 2017
Mommy Diaries Off Air

Newborn Photoshoots and What Made Me Upset

When you’re pregnant with the first baby, it’s natural to get really excited. With the clothes, baby equipment, toys, etc.Β The newborn phase — a milestone to remember. That’s why I booked a slot for a baby photo shoot, a month before my due date.…

March 14, 2017
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Exclusively Pumping: 20 Days and How I Make It Work

From an exclusively breastfeeding mother to an exclusively pumping mother. The transition happened instantly. Like, literally. You can read about it in my [long] heartfelt post atΒ The Day My Baby Changed. Forever. It hasn’t been one month, it hasn’t been one year. But I…

March 9, 2017
Mommy Diaries Off Air

How To Be OK When You’re Not OK

You’re a mom, you’re stressed, you’re tired. You’re not alone. I do believe that through time, we get better at managing the role. Not just as a mother, but as a wife too. 1. Entertainment as a coping mechanism Realistic and relatable entertainment, that…

March 8, 2017